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Arbort Precision Technology  Co., Ltd., is a leading supplier of Belleville Springs, Disc Springs, wave springs & Spiral Retaining Rings, We are located in Shanghai, China, we dedicate ourselves to provide refined products and best service to domestic as well as international customers.

We are a professional team with more than ten years engineering experience in the fields of DIN2093 Disc Springs, DIN6796 Belleville Washers, wave springs, Spiral Retaining Rings, we have established good business relations with many local & global customers by providing the reliable products and satisfactory service. Our customers can be found in many industries, such as auto, heavy  machinery, elevator, valve, wind turbine, off highway, chemical plant, steel plant......

From the raw material to the finished products, we followed ISO9001:2000, application of advanced and sophisticated process technologies, combined with  serious working attitude, ensure all springs are ideal for our customers, so that the material and design perfection is come true; for these reasons we are able to gain the trust and appreciation of customers from various manufactures as well as various industries and be identified as a partner; for these reasons we preserve the high quality standards with highly competitive price structure, to execute orders on time and to ensure our customers satisfaction.

We provide various reliable spring washers, including standard, nonstandard and made on request parts. With years experience and advance technical means our veteran engineers are able to solve complicated problems. Our engineers veteran will work with you to develop special parts to meet the application requirement. Includes special shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and so on. The materials are alloy steels, stainless steels, super alloy and etc.  Good quality, competitive prices, customized services and engineering support, our parts will help you to save budget and enhance competitive strength, especially in the range of  stainless steel spring washers and Inconel 718 spring washers, Inconel x-750 spring washers .   Click here to see our products

We are looking forward to your inquiry with our sincere and professional service, Here you will meet your expectations every time!

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