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         DIN6796 Belleville Washer


  •   Stainless steel


  •   Spring steel


  •   Super alloy

               .Inconel 718, Inconel X-750

      Other material on your request.


  • Phosphating   

  •  Dacromet 

  •  Delta  

  •  Geomet    

  •  Mechanical Zinc

  •  Hot dip galvanizing


Belleville washers also called conical spring washers, they are designed for use for bolt/nut assemblies. They offer high axial elasticity to compensate for loosening of the screwed connection due to severe shock or the movement of bolt due to thermal expansion and contraction. Use with high-strength bolts in the strength classes 8.8-10.9.



                                Current Available Belleville Washers Materials


Spring steel    


can be used up to 100

Stainless steel       


can be used up to 200C


can be used up to 250C

   17-7PH       can be used up to 300C

Super alloy      

Inconel 718   

can be used up to 600C

Inconel X-750

can be used up to 600C

   Other materials on your request




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